"Speak Your Truth"

Artivism's latest dance film explores the inner truths of six different women and how they come together as universal truth. 

Choreography & Performance:

Ashly Nguyen

Athena Turek

Sophia Rabinovitz

Madyson Barbain

Briana Alston

Sarah Noelle Prescott

Videography: David Rabinovitz

Music: "Anxious" by Mick Jenkins


Our Unmentionables

"But how are you really?!"

Psych(e) asks you to honestly answer when it's much easier to plaster on that fake smile and keep it  moving.

Choreography: Briana Alston

Performance: Briana Alston, Madyson Barbain, and Sophia Rabinovitz

Music: "Bellyache- Marian Hill Remix" by Billie Eilish, Marian Hill

​​In this work, choreographer Sophia Rabinovitz explores the complex realities of being a woman trying to "have it all". A homemaker, a working woman, a mother... something has to give. What does it mean to make hard, often unspoken, choices? This work sheds light on these choices, without judgement, but with compassion and understanding to the complexities of choice.


Choreography & Performance: Sophia Rabinovitz Music: "Working Woman Blues" by Valerie June


Our Unmentionables

"Not Average"

Performance from Martin Luther King Day 2019 at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Choreography & Performance: Briana Alston Derwin May Jr. Madyson Barbain Rebekah Lee

Music: "The Average Black Girl" by Ernestine Morrison, "Don't Let Go" by PJ Morton

"I Am ME"

I Am ME explores the break between how our governments view us, how others view us, and how we choose to view ourselves and each other.

Performance: Cameron Mitchell-Ware, Sophia Dietzel, Polanco Jones Jr., Chanice Holmes, Elle Ciccarone Jones, Jeremy Guyton, and Sophia Rabinovitz.

Video and Audio Editing: Sophia Rabinovitz Script: Raimu Itfum

Music: "Departure" by Chinsaku