Our Unmentionables

"But how are you really?!"

Psych(e) asks you to honestly answer when it's much easier to plaster on that fake smile and keep it  moving.

Choreography: Briana Alston

Performance: Briana Alston, Madyson Barbain, and Sophia Rabinovitz

Music: "Bellyache- Marian Hill Remix" by Billie Eilish, Marian Hill

"Sex & Worship"

The Elephants

The relationship between our religious identities and our sexual ones. 

Choreography: Sophia Rabinovitz & Derwin May Jr. 

Music: "Surrender" by Matisyahu

"I Am ME"

I Am ME explores the break between how our governments view us, how others view us, and how we choose to view ourselves and each other.



"(Un)Qualified" explores the limiting ideas of what it means to be a man and the freedom that comes when those limitations are broken.

Choreography: Derwin May Jr. & Daniel Jones

Original Music: Daniel MasterPIECE Jones

"Holdin' On"

“Holdin’ On” was created in response to the recent stabbing of a black man and a white woman in Olympia, Washington after a self-proclaimed white supremacist saw them kissing outside of a bar.We explore the complexity of emotions that come up for interracial couples when faced with resistance both from outsiders and from those closest to them. How does this resistance reflect the current state of race relations in the US?

Choreography: Sophia Rabinovitz & Paul Sampson