"My 3 year old loves the Move Together class. Madyson is full of energy and keeps the little ones engaged while working on moves to promote balance and coordination. I'm so happy we found this alternative to the traditional dance studios in town."- Melanie Cade; New Orleans, LA

"Artivism challenged me and gifted me with a view on how theatre and dance  can impact. How our WORK can have social and political contexts. And create work that ultimately becomes part of a conversation rather than a statement."

- Raimu Itfum; London, UK

"Your work brought me to tears and opened my heart to the beautiful vulnerability you all created on stage. Thank you for your work and your willingness to be vulnerable. Artivism where dance meets conversations that are seldom discussed."- Michelina; New Orleans, LA.

"The "Unmentionables"  put on by Artivism Dance. These ladies put on the single most powerful show I have ever attended. I related to it in ways that I am at a loss of words to even express. I cried the ENTIRE show. Thanks for moving me, it was genuine and heartfelt. It was a phenomenal production perfectly portraying the strength held within women everywhere. - Y.B; Chicago, IL

"Artivism classes have become a ritual for me. As a former dancer, it's nice to have the outlet that gets me back to my roots while allowing me to get involved in the arts again. Not only are the classes good for working on dance techniques, it's also a safe space to explore and play with your craft.

Much like the Artivism's mission of sparking conversation about social issues to evoke change, these classes start a conversation. They allow you to hear about other people's stories and their experiences. These moments are invaluable, and have helped me see life from all different perspectives. They are a great way to express yourself and come together through dance in a judgement free space."

-Kyla Exsterstein; New Orleans, Louisiana

"I can’t say enough good things about Artivism Dance Theatre!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you brought to the community this weekend! Keep doing what you do!"- Lauren Gutierrez; Miami, FL

After two years of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and then online dance classes killed her love for learning. After 8 months of NOTHING, stepping into a studio full of energy and fun is what this little one needed! So grateful! Way to bring life back to our youth. Kids are totally worth it. Gracias!"

- Nancy Mariela; New Orleans, LA