Dance & Fitness

Drop In Rate - $20

Class Packs: (expires after 3 months)

  • 5 Classes- $90

  • 10 Classes- $160

Monthly Memberships (Auto-renews monthly)

  • 1x/week- $60

  • 2x/week- $112

  • Unlimited monthly- $145

Discount Links

Our pricing is based off of how much we value our art form​ and the amazing teachers we have on staff. Discounts are meant for those who truly cannot afford to take class. We strongly believe that art should be accessible for everyone and that artists should be valued for what they bring to our community. Please keep this in mind when purchasing classes and allow us to continue to hold both things true.

'No One Turned Away' Policy- Please fill out this form if you would like to be considered for a partial or full scholarship.

Apply for a scholarship here