Dance Classes

Move Together (ages 3-6)

In this class, your young one will explore dance movement through fun interactive games and imaginative exploration. We introduce the elements of dance (body, action, space, time, and energy) to prepare your student for further dance training and use our imaginations to explore movement in a variety of fun ways! 

Dance Fundamentals (ages 6-9)

In this class, students will be lead through a series of warm ups, technical drills, and choreographic sequences that help young people with a variety of different dance techniques. The class will touch on Ballet, Contemporary, and Hip Hop techniques, as well as, the beginning elements of choreographic and improvisational skills. 

Youth Ballet Technique (ages 9-13)

This class will focus on ballet terminology and technique through the execution of barre work, center, and across the floor exercises. Your child will have a clear understanding of body alignment, movement quality, carriage of upper body, and flexibility. 

Youth Hip Hop Class (ages 9-13)

This class teaches the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance, covering Breakin', Waacking, House, and more! We will have guest teachers come in to bring knowledge of their individual Hip Hop dance style and will also explore Hip Hop choreography.

Youth Contemporary (ages 9-13)

Contemporary dance combines elements of several dance styles including modern, jazz, ballet, and even Hip Hop. This class will specifically work with Release Technique, Limon, and Graham techniques, but will also emphasize the importance of mind-body connection and floor work.

Youth Jazz (ages 9-13)

This class is high energy and fun with a focus on the foundations of Jazz technique such as proper placement, jumps, leaps and turns. We will do a strengthening and conditioning warm-up followed by technique building and across the floor exercises. In some classes, we will focus on jazz choreography using the skills and technique we have been working on.

Adult Ballet (14 & up)

 A complete technique class with barre, center, and across the floor movement. We will focus on classical ballet technique through a professional class progression. Barre work, center and across the floor exercises are designed to better your technique, as well as performance quality and confidence. This class is for students who are ready for increasingly challenging combinations while adding musicality, choreography, and artistry to their ballet technique. Open to ages 13 & up.

Pointe (14 & up)

This class focuses on gaining the necessary foot, ankle, and lower leg strength and flexibility needed to execute proper pointe technique and will include both barre and center work combinations to challenge students. This class is by invitation only.

Adult Jazz (14 & up)

This class is high energy with a focus on jazz technique and choreography. We will start with a warm up, some conditioning, followed by across the floor combinations. The second half of class will be focused on learning contemporary jazz choreography.

Adult Contemporary (14 & up)

Contemporary dance combines elements of several dance styles including modern, jazz, ballet, and even Hip Hop. This class will specifically work with Release Technique, Limon, and Graham techniques, but will also emphasize the importance of mind-body connection and floor work.

Adult Hip Hop Grooves (14 & up)

The love of music drives this Hip Hop class. The class will explore grooves, flows and dynamics while teaching you to find comfort and rhythm in Hip Hop dance through improv and explorative exercises. Open to all levels of dancers, but the class will be set at an intermediate/advanced pace. 

Sensual Saturdays (18 & up)

Time to put that 9 to 5 up on the shelf- and just enjoy yourself! Come learn Punking and Waacking fundamentals through sensual, feel good movements. We will learn how to celebrate our individuality through waacking and end the weekend right! Get ready to Move those Arms, Give Face, and remember... you ARE the performance! 

What is Waacking (Punking)? Waacking is an dance style rooted from the Black and Latino gay men of LA's 70's underground disco scene. Waacking is for everyone; regardless of sex, gender, physical appearance, preference or beliefs. It comes from a culture of oppressed people in the 1970's that needed to express themselves freely and unapologetically. Waacking is fun, liberating, and very empowering for the soul.

Open Studio

A two-hour open studio space for professional dancers to train, choreograph, rehearse, etc. This session is free, but you must pre-register as there are only six spaces available each week. The day and time of this session will change month to month in order to make it accessible to as many working dancers as possible. 

Fitness Classes

Core & Mobility

In this class, we will work our deep core muscles and strengthen our centers to provide stability and control. Through a series of mobility exercises we will simultaneously lengthen muscles and loosen joints; gaining strength, balance, and greater range of motion. This deeper understanding of your body will not only improve your fitness routine, but your daily life and body’s longevity. All ages and abilities are welcome. 

Turn Up Tabata

Tabata is a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that creates after-burn – the ability to burn calories at a faster rate after exercise. This means your body continues to burn calories long after you've left the studio. Get it in, feel the burn, and keep it burning!

Restorative Yoga

Reset the bones, muscles and nervous system as you rest in postures supported by props while connecting to the breath and subtle body energies. 

Mindful Movement

In this class, you will explore mindful movement based on modern asana Yoga postures and intense focus on breath/body connection. Your breathing will be guided through the length of class. Modifications are always welcomed. Your time in class is for you to connect more deeply to your mind, body and soul; the instructor is but a guide. 

Fast and Fiery Fitness

Want to make fitness a priority, but have a busy life? This class is for you! Get a great workout done in 30 minutes with a five minute warm up and stretch on either end. In and out in under 45 minutes and ready to get on with your day. This class is adjustable for all ages and abilities, but will be focused on cardiovascular energy so be prepared to get those lungs working and break a sweat!